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Mobile Surveillance Trailers

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Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Mobile Surveillance Trailers Go Anywhere

Prevent theft and protect your sites with an easily-deployable security solution. From construction site surveillance to parking lot security, our surveillance trailers are rapidly deployed for any application where video monitoring is needed.

Mobile surveillance trailers self-sustaining and require no external connectivity, power, or existing infrastructure. Remotely monitor your feeds from any location or device with our advanced Video Management Platform.


  • Mobile and scalable for operations of all sizes
  • Camera options customized to fit your site and use case
  • High-resolution photo and video capture
  • 24/7 monitoring services available via our SwiftWatch™ virtual guard solution
Mobile Surveillance Trailer
Mobile Surveillance Trailer at construction site
Mobile Surveillance Trailer at construction site

Featured in Construction Executive’s “2023 Hot Products Issue”

Best service in the Industry

The Stallion advantage

We boast our state-of-the-art surveillance hardware and advanced monitoring platform, but the true advantage to Stallion's surveillance and monitoring systems is our service.

From product selection, to installation and continued service, we optimize your site visibility and ensure your systems are always up-and-running.

  • Deploy rapidly nationwide
  • Deter crime and theft
  • Access real-time and historical footage
  • Manage all sites from a unified portal
  • Leverage tags and analytics
  • Solar-powered product options
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protect your site with Advanced HArdware

Cameras, LED Lights, Speaker

Our trailers come with standard PTZ cameras with integrated IR and can be customized to include License Plate Recognition and thermal capabilities.

Contact our sales team and let us know your requirements. We will ensure you get the right surveillance solution for your needs.

Keep an Eye on your sites At all times

24/7 Video Management Platform

Get constant optics and analytics surrounding your jobsite through our scalable cloud video management software and analytics platform. 

With Stallion, you can access real-time and historical surveillance video from any location and any device.

Improve response time

Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

Stallion’s intelligent 24/7 monitoring deters theft, reduces false alarms, ensures procedural compliance, and more.

Set custom alerts based on your qualifications to deter and catch criminals, keep your employees safe, and protect your investments.

  • Detect people
  • Detect vehicles and license plates
  • Detect objects
  • Detect PPE (or lack of PPE)

The anatomy of a Stallion mobile security trailer

Tailored to your needs

Secure your site or event with a system built for your needs. Outfit your surveillance trailers with:

  • Point Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Thermal
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
anatomy of mobile surveillance trailer

24/7 Surveillance monitoring for any jobsite

Rapidly deploy a surveillance solution that works anywhere

Stallion mobile surveillance trailers wirelessly monitor your jobsite with the power of clean energy. No external power, WiFi connection, or existing infrastructure needed.

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A stand-alone security solution

Self-sufficient Cameras + Connectivity Platform

Our surveillance trailers are designed for instant deployment, even on sites with low connectivity, and are capable of self-sustaining, unattended operation for extended periods of time. And with available software enhancements and managed service support, Stallion delivers a turnkey solution tailored for your use case.


Seamlessly integrate with our Video Management Platform for custom notifications and simplified data management.

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Get a solution customized for your needs with our range of PTZ, thermal (FLIR), bullet, dome, and LPR cameras.

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Enable cloud-based operations with wireless connectivity options including cellular, satellite, microwave, or ethernet networks.

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Product Portfolio

Mobile Surveillance Trailer

When portability is a requirement, our wheeled surveillance trailers provide a turnkey solution for site security and surveillance needs and can be moved throughout your environment as needed for complete oversight.

  • Wide-track trailer for maximum stability
  • Customizable with specialized camera options
  • Wireless with no external connections required
  • Supports cloud-based management and analytics
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Fixed Surveillance Unit

Our skid-mounted units provide a fixed solution for areas requiring ongoing surveillance. Rapidly deployed and self-sustaining, they can be positioned to capture footage from virtually any angle.

  • Stand-alone, low-maintenance solution
  • Customizable with specialized camera options
  • Wireless with no external connections required
  • Supports cloud-based management and analytics
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Related Products

Video Surveillance Portal

Enhance your camera-side feature sets with remote accessibility and advanced analytics via Stallion's cloud surveillance platform. 

  • Unified multi-site surveillance
  • Multi-tier administration and access management
  • Advanced filtering, calibration, and detection capabilities
  • Specialized video analytics modules available
  • Compatible with all Stallion solutions as well as other brands
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VMS & Human Monitoring

Deter theft, reduce false alarms, and ensure PPE compliance with Stallion’s video monitoring services, fully customizable to protect your site 24/7/365.

  • Analytics and real-time alerts
  • Instant notifications to Stallion’s monitoring center
  • Remote access to live/recorded video
  • Efficient dispatch and incident management
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