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Offshore Buildings

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Cargo ship in ocean

Shipshape accommodations and storage

Some of the toughest, most demanding work is performed at sea, either on commercial vessels or on platform-based facilities. Just because the work is grueling doesn’t mean that the accommodations should be. Stallion’s versatile line of configurable offshore buildings provide security and comfort to those working at sea.


  • Configurable as customized housing or storage
  • Accommodations for larger crew and longer project timelines
  • Sleepers, galleys, offices, laundry buildings, and more
  • Refresh, refurbish, or upgrade your current housing
Offshore accomidations
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Product Portfolio

Sleeper Building

When your crew needs additional offshore accommodations, our sleeper buildings are 11 feet wide, with built-in bunks and full-size innerspring mattresses.

  • Electrical: 80 amp, 208 volt, 3 phase
  • Plumbing: 3" black water, 2" gray water, 1" potable water
  • Can be stacked and cantilevered off the platform to save space
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Laundry Building

For dirty jobs at sea, our laundry buildings offer a degree of comfort and dignity that is unrivaled in the industry.

  • Commercial-grade washers and dryers
  • Climate-controlled environment
  • Water accessibility
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Galley Building

Designed to be spacious and productive, our galley buildings are outfitted with top-of-the-line commercial-grade equipment.

  • Constructed with fire-retardant resins for safety
  • Available with water tanks, pressure seats, sewage treatment, and more
  • Electrical: 150 amp, 208 volt, 3 phase
  • Plumbing: 2" gray water, 1" potable water
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Coast Guard-Approved Building

“Mil Spec” isn’t just a vanity term we throw around. We maintain current Coast Guard and ABS regulations, including SOLAS and USCG “A-60” requirements to provide modular housing that is quickly and easily deployable.

  • Modular designs can be stacked for space saving
  • Plug and play connections for end platforms, stairs, and utilities
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Fiberglass Building

When you need configurable accommodations, our fiberglass units are flame retardant for added safety, providing security and comfort for your team.

  • Lightweight design
  • Weather resistant
  • Energy efficient
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Related Products

VSAT Satellite Connectivity

Our VSAT services keep you connected anywhere with DVBS2 carriers, uplink power control, and advanced modulation schemes across multiple satellite transponders for high-speed transmission rates.

  • Satellite back haul
  • Ka and Ku bands
  • Coverage across the continental U.S.
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Starlink Satellite Connectivity

Stallion is an authorized reseller of Starlink, a premier LEO (Low Earth Orbit) VSAT connectivity option for rapid, global satellite-based internet connectivity. Stallion's VSAT and connectivity experience provides you with a centralized, smooth experience from delivery, install, and management across all locations.

  • Low latency connectivity
  • Global coverage
  • Resilient network speeds
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OneWeb Satellite Connectivity

For a truly global low-latency communication solution, our OneWeb installations provide gapless coverage using industry standard interfaces for simple integration with your equipment.

  • Download speed up to 195Mbps (per terminal)
  • Latency speeds from ~70ms for LEO to ~135ms for MEO
  • Zero-touch configuration
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