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About Us

Stallion Employees
Stallion Employees

Your partner in infrastructure services

With over 20 years as one of the largest providers of surface equipment rentals and logistics in North America, Stallion Infrastructure Services pioneered the total lifecycle service through a single-provider model.

We distinguish ourselves from competitors through a history of experience, scale, and ability to provide a single, comprehensive supply source to customer job and event sites no matter how remote.

A culture of innovation

One critical distinction between Stallion and its competitors is that Stallion is both an infrastructure services company and an innovation company. We prefer to create products that move industries forward, that produce smarter and greener outcomes, and solve problems for our partners. Our technology-enabled equipment and sustainable eco-friendly solutions are just a glimpse at Stallion’s culture of innovation. We use four words at Stallion that embody the spirit of our company, the quality of services we deliver, and the values we hope to exemplify as partners: SHARP, SWIFT, STEADY, and STRONG.

Stallion is MORE

These three words sum up what it means to partner with Stallion. Our services go well beyond rental equipment, and our products are all value-added with turnkey support. For instance, our remote housing and modular office buildings go through regular refurbishing to ensure that each new rental agreement feels like the maiden voyage of the assets. And our portable sanitation trailers receive ongoing on-site maintenance to ensure that users feel a sense of dignity even in the roughest and most remote locations.


Your site represents a significant investment. We ensure the security of your people and assets through various monitoring and surveillance systems.


Stallion is People First. We strive to make your site experience comfortable, enabling you to rest, recharge, and work more efficiently regardless of the location. 


No matter the size or scope of your project, depend on Stallion to enable critical communication and keep your team seamlessly connected.

Our History

Stallion’s humble beginnings in the oilfield have shaped where we are today. Founded in 2004 with a handful of workforce housing trailers, generators and portable lights in the West Texas oil patch, Stallion Oilfield Services has evolved significantly.

As our customers’ needs grew, so did our solutions. Over the years, we have assembled a team of experts in their respective fields to provide services precisely where and when they are needed. With each expansion, our commitment to delivering top-level service remains Stallion’s core strength.

Today, we maintain the same grit and white-glove service approach across all industries, while still serving our oil and gas customers, with services spanning from portable sanitation to remote connectivity solutions, surveillance, housing trailers, generators, and lights.

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Connect With Our Team

An expert Stallion team member can guide you through the logistics process to ensure no detail is missed.