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Our People

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Our People
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Security, comfort, and connection

At Stallion, we aim for security, comfort, and connection in every job we do. It’s those same values that create the Stallion family of team members across North America. We want our employees to feel like their time as Stallion team members is secure, comfortable, and connected.

Security for the long haul

Our diverse teams consist of complex and varied groups that create a tapestry of uniqueness across our company. We want our employees to feel seen and known, and we believe that our continuing learning and development programs, our financial wellness benefits, our benefits and retirement packages, and our overall company culture communicate that all are welcome, all can find great success here, and everyone should feel security in joining the Stallion team for the long haul. Stallion is only as strong as its employees. 

Comfort in excellence

Our commitment to our communities and sustainable efforts are an integral part of Stallion’s DNA.  As a company that aims to bring excellence and luxury to the roughest and most remote job sites, we same that same pursuit to be reflected in our internal work, too.

Connected to one another

We work to ensure that our employees have ample opportunity to connect with one another for professional development and fostering meaningful relationships.

Connect With Our Team

An expert Stallion team member can guide you through the logistics process to ensure no detail is missed.