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Natural Gas Power

Reduce your operating costs with Horse Power™

Our proprietary natural gas generators offer cost-effectiveness and convenience unmatched by traditional line power and diesel generators. Using wellhead gas, Stallion’s HorsePower™ generators provide a clean and durable alternative for powering everything your site needs to stay up and running.


  • Uncompromised reliability
  • Advanced telemetry throttling
  • Runs on any gas supply from 750 BTU to nearly 1,700 BTU
  • Utilizes stranded gas from your wellhead
  • Reduces carbon emissions and flaring gas

Product Portfolio

Natural Gas-Powered Generator 150kVA

Enjoy clean, efficient power and low-maintenance operation with our natural gas-powered 150kVA generator.

  • 10% of the operation cost of a conventional generator
  • EPA-certified PSI natural gas engine
  • Monitor run time, oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, amperage, and torque load remotely
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Perhaps the most critical component of your electrical network is the cabling itself. Stallion has a full array of cabling available, most of which can be customized to meet your unique needs.

  • For power and lighting
  • Network CAT-5 and CAT-6 cabling
  • Outdoor and all-weather options
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