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Fluid Storage & Tanks

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Frac Tanks

Essential fluid storage solutions

Whatever type of fluid you’re managing, whether oil-, water-, synthetic-, or foam-based, or fracking fluids and chemicals, we have a full range of storage solutions to suit your needs. We offer tanks designed to maintain fluid viscosity and resist corrosion no matter your site conditions, with scalable options as your operations expand.


  • 8,400 to 21,000 gallon options
  • Tanks available for all needs
  • Instantly deployable
  • Purpose-designed for QHSE requirements
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Product Portfolio

Frac Tank, Flat Bottom

Our full fleet of 500 bbl frac tanks are designed for bulk oil storage, with the option for custom-designed systems to meet your exact specifications.

  • Front and rear load lines
  • Manifold system for scalable storage capacity
  • Designed for bulk oil storage
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Frac Tank, Round Bottom

Our round bottom tanks are equipped with the same standard features as flat bottoms and best suited for liquids with high viscosity.

  • Front manifold
  • Cat walks and handrails
  • Optional liquid-level monitoring capabilities
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Open Top Tank

When you need to quickly monitor storage of fluid levels in your tank, our open top units are purpose-built and ready to work.

  • 250- and 300-barrel open top tanks
  • Easy to clean
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Gas Buster

An explosive event can shut down an operation. Our gas buster tanks minimize that risk and ensure safe drilling and flow back operations.  

  • Stabilizes viscosity of fracking liquids
  • Rugged and purpose-built
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Related Products

Industrial Pumps

When moving critical fluids from truck to tank, tank to tank, or anywhere else, our industrial pumps keep your operation humming.

  • Rugged construction for industrial use
  • Instantly deployable
  • Above or below ground use
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