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Portable Restroom Trailers

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Portable Restroom Trailer Rental

The height of luxury for your event or job site

When you’re in a high-traffic job site, or you have a large-scale event that requires more than portable toilets, our luxury restroom trailers provide a white-glove experience unlike any other. With soft interior design, HVAC temperature control, and freshwater functionality, it’s truly a spa-like experience.


  • Soft, spa-like interior
  • HVAC system
  • Stereo
  • LED lighting
  • Freshwater sinks
  • Flushing toilets
  • Men’s side includes urinals
Stallion Restroom Trailer
Restroom trailer at event

Product Portfolio

Luxury Restroom Trailer, 2-Stall

Our compact restroom trailer brings a spa-like experience to your event or job site.

  • Suitable for events with up to 350 guests per day
  • 14' length
  • HVAC, freshwater system, flushing toilets
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Luxury Restroom Trailer, 4-Stall

Spacious and luxurious, our 4-stall trailer can be configured for either 2-door or 4-door needs.

  • Suitable for events with up to 500 guests per day
  • 14'x6'
  • Available in 2 or 4 doors
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Luxury Restroom Trailer, 8-Stall

Our 8-station restroom trailer is perfect for high-traffic events and offers exclusivity with single-entry stalls.

  • Suitable for events with up to 1,000 guests per day
  • 28'x8'6"
  • Independent access to private stalls
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Luxury Restroom Trailer, 10-Stall

Our largest and most luxurious trailer is called a Flex trailer for the multiple configurations it offers, based on your gender needs.

  • Suitable for events with up to 800 guests per day
  • Can be configured for 5+5, 3+7, or 10-station, depending on gender needs
  • 29'
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Organic Wastewater Treatment System

When your site needs a modern, efficient, sustainable approach to dealing with freshwater and wastewater, start with StaRT™.

  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Beneficial reuse of wastewater
  • Flat day rate
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Laundry Trailer

For long-term encampments when infrastructure and wash facilities are unavailable, our laundry trailers provide everything your team needs to stay comfortable and productive.

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Crew House

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