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Petrochemical& Refining

Petrochemical and Refining Services

Essential petrochemical logistics and infrastructure support

We know that oil and gas downstream producers are critical providers of daily essentials across North America, and Stallion’s best-in-class services are there every step of the way, from the well to the market.

Stallion knows downstream

Our full range of products and services make your downstream production secure, comfortable, and connected, and we offer a variety of job-right equipment solutions, like fluid storage and processing, blast-resistant buildings, and more.

Securing your petrochemical operations and the people who manage them

The safety and security of your petrochemical operation is Stallion’s chief objective, and our line of next-gen surveillance products helps to keep a watchful eye on single-site and multi-site facilities. From standard pole-mounted cameras to license plate and facial recognition products, all connected to a centralized network, our systems can help you keep your materials, personnel, and bottom line secure.

Always connected

Stallion’s full line of communications and networking tools allows your people to stay connected to one another for critical communications. Whether it’s two-way handheld radios for your team or a fully boosted network connection for high-speed data transfer between multiple site locations, Stallion has the products and expertise you need.

Our Solutions

Oil & Gas Specialty

Stallion has been partners with downstream operators for years, and we offer refinery-specific equipment to make your operation run safely and smoothly.

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Secure and protect your petrochemical operation with our AI-enabled, 24/7 surveillance solutions accessible on a unified platform.

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Power & Lighting

Backup lighting and power are critical in petrochemical operations. Let Stallion support you with a variety of scalable lighting and power solutions.

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Upstream Oil & Gas

We are a pioneer in providing integrated, temporary infrastructure to critical exploration and production activities of the U.S. oil and gas industry.

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Stallion’s expertise and assets have been essential to successful midstream operations for countless rugged plays across North America.

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Shipping & Maritime

Stallion is uniquely equipped to serve the logistics and maintenance needs of maritime operations via uninterrupted communications and multi-purpose modular spaces, offshore and onshore.

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Connect With Our Team

An expert Stallion team member can guide you through the logistics process to ensure no detail is missed.