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Supporting one of America’s first workforces

Since 1775, miners have been setting up camps in the isolated and rugged terrain of America’s frontier. Today, Stallion delivers mission-critical services and support equipment rentals to the modern mining industry. As a safety, security, and connection partner bringing mining into the twenty-first century, Stallion offers reliable connectivity along with real-time IoT analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors, and embedded systems to ensure the safety of your crews while also boosting their efficiency. 

Remote locations with familiar comforts

Mining operations are often isolated from the luxuries of everyday life, but we believe that security, comfort, and productivity go hand-in-hand. Along with mining support equipment rentals, you can also depend on Stallion for efficient camp logistics, a variety of configurable housing and workspace accommodations that meld form and function, and remote power and lighting solutions that keep your operations safe and consistent.

Our Solutions


Upstream Oil & Gas

We are a pioneer in the oilfield service industry, delivering complete, end-to-end lifecycle services through a single provider.

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Petrochemical & Refining

Stallion’s turnkey solutions support safer, more connected, and more efficient downstream production operations.

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Stallion provides our temporary infrastructure services during the construction and maintenance phases of permanent utility infrastructure.

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Connect With Our Team

An expert Stallion team member can guide you through the logistics process to ensure no detail is missed.