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IoT Monitoring Solutions

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Remote monitoring platform and devices

Gas and fluid levels, when unchecked, have the power to completely upset the balance of your operation or endanger your crew. Our wireless monitoring solutions support data and health monitoring for one or many locations, and digital notifications help you respond to potential issues quickly and effectively. Delivered in a simplified user interface that can be managed remotely, you'll get real-time visibility into any status changes that require attention across your site.


  • Local devices and cloud-based monitoring options
  • Data aggregation for powerful analytics
  • Customizable notifications and alerts
  • Managed through browser-based portals for use on any internet-connected device

Centralized site monitoring with Accusite

Stallion's Accusite Portal is our IoT platform that utilizes SCADA properties to provide hands-on control and instrumentation to our customers. Accusite is a site-centric system with 100% mobile access on any device.


Monitoring Capabilities with Accusite

Monitor all of your on-site IoT sensors with a single platform. See the capabilities below:

Gas Detection Unit

Gas Detection

Protect your most important assets with Stallion’s gas-detection systems. Our wireless fixed gas-detection system provides real-time data and health monitoring through our cloud-based portal. Conveniently access complete data on one screen. Whether monitoring a single location or national fleet, our system provides real-time notifications with field service dispatch to keep your job running safely and efficiently anywhere in the world.

Fluid Level Monitoring

Stallion monitoring provides local and remote visibility of each asset’s fluid-level height and content volume. With a single simplified user interface, Stallion provides advanced cloud and local devices management—along with immediate access to real-time and historical data. Regardless of device type or location, data aggregation grants access to powerful analytics, while digital notifications provide timely alerts about potential issues and status changes.


Smart Metering

Stallion’s Smart Metering solution provides local and remote visibility on fluid level, volume, and totalization on un-manned or manned locations that have zero power on location. Advanced cloud management of devices is through a single and easy user-interface. Data aggregation provides powerful analytics regardless of device type or location. Remote alerts send potential problems or status changes through email notification.


Wastewater Monitoring

Our exclusive water treatment system stores freshwater until it is ready for use, then treats and re-purposes wastewater onsite.


Generator Monitoring

Generator Monitoring provides state-of-the-art real-time telemetry and KPI reporting that can be accessed via the Stallion (our parent company) portal and stored as needed. Run-time, oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, amperage, and torque load are just a few of the stats that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. See why our Generator Monitoring is one of the most intelligent power solutions on the market.

Featured Product Portfolio

Fluid-Level Monitoring

Get immediate visibility into liquid level height and volume of content in your tanks, and respond quickly with remote alerts customized to notify you when a potential problem is detected.

  • Guided wave radar, hydrostatic pressure, or ultrasonic options for unified level measurement
  • Hardwired sensors for high speed
  • Optional flow totalizer for accounting of volume
  • Solar-powered options available
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Gas Detection

Our state-of-the-art fixed gas detection system supports complete information retrieval from a single screen through the cloud-based Accusite portal. Whether your project is at a single site or across many locations, get real-time notifications from anywhere in the world.

  • Detects toxic and flammable gases
  • Field replaceable sensors and long battery life
  • Built-in security features to prevent tampering
  • Available field service dispatch
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Related Products

Video Management Platform

Enhance your camera-side feature sets with remote accessibility and advanced analytics via Stallion's cloud surveillance platform. 

  • Unified multi-site surveillance
  • Multi-tier administration and access management
  • Advanced filtering, calibration, and detection capabilities
  • Specialized video analytics modules available
  • Compatible with all Stallion solutions as well as other brands
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Mobile Surveillance Trailer

When portability is a requirement, our wheeled surveillance trailers provide a turnkey solution for site security and surveillance needs and can be moved throughout your environment as needed for complete oversight.

  • Wide-track trailer for maximum stability
  • Customizable with specialized camera options
  • Wireless with no external connections required
  • Supports cloud-based management and analytics
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