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Portable Tower Trailer Install

The power of mesh networking

Create a high-powered, connected network with Stallion’s powerful mesh network nodes and radios. Bolstered by our portable power trailers in remote locations, create high-traffic Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks anywhere your projects take you.


  • Simple delivery and installation
  • Managed by Stallion’s 24/7 NOC
  • Self-repairing network if one unit fails
  • Automatic reconfiguration with site updates
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Portable Tower Trailer Install

Product Portfolio

Wi-Fi Mesh Radios

Nowhere near connectivity infrastructure? No problem; in remote environments, our mesh radios give you fail-safe networks wherever you are.

  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Kinetic mesh
  • Indoor and outdoor rated 
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Mobile Tower Trailers

From cellular connectivity to video surveillance, Stallion’s portable tower trailers serve a variety of needs for harsh, remote, and temporary locations. Use cases include

  • Mobile BDA/DAS connectivity
  • Point to point
  • Lighting
  • Emergency response
  • Radio systems
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Intercom Systems

Connect seamlessly across any job site, mobile office, or platform. Get VoIP telephony, public address (PA) with audible alarms, intrinsically safe rig phones, a high-speed data network, and waterproof hardware for the harshest of job sites.

  • 5GHz Data And Voice Connectivity
  • Class 1 Div 2 Rig Phone (RBX, Phone, And Speaker)
  • Integrated VoIP And Intercom
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Related Products

Portable Two-Way Radios

STARCOMM is one of the largest portable radio retailers in the U.S. and can guide you to the best solution for your situation.

  • HazLoc
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Man-Down Accelerometer options
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Two-Way Radio Systems

Our two-way radio systems communicate via high-power repeaters for better coverage and more centralized control when you need to communicate across longer distances on-site or around obstructions.

  • Easy installation
  • Low power cost/low thermal footprint
  • Multiple system types supported
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Mobile Radios

Compactly designed and easy to install, our two-way mobile radio systems are the ideal solution when extended-range communications are required.

  • VHF and UHF models
  • Easy installation in any vehicle
  • Business, public safety, or personal use applications
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Mobile LTE

Lightweight and easy to deploy, our Mobile LTE kits are designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable connectivity in remote locations, during disaster recovery, or wherever you need it most.

  • Rugged hard case
  • Fast connectivity in minutes
  • Supports all LTE and 5G frequencies
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Create custom networks for secure transmission of your most sensitive and/or confidential information with the high performance you need for your most valuable assets.

  • Wireless links designed for short- or long-range connections
  • Air fiber technology with speeds up to 20Gbps
  • Microwave solutions for dense or highly contended RF spaces
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Mobile Surveillance Trailer

When portability is a requirement, our wheeled surveillance trailers provide a turnkey solution for site security and surveillance needs and can be moved throughout your environment as needed for complete oversight.

  • Wide-track trailer for maximum stability
  • Customizable with specialized camera options
  • Wireless with no external connections required
  • Supports cloud-based management and analytics
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Need Data With That?

Get end-to-end IoT data and connectivity with SIMETRY, including simple data plans, managed services, and carrier choice flexibility.

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