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Innovation for the greater good

Our customers and partners often work in remote locations and potentially dangerous environments. We strive to bring security, comfort, and connection to every job site, but Stallion is more than just a people-first organization. We also strive to be good stewards of the natural resources we have been given, and protectors of the planet that provides work for our partners.

Rather than create a business on meeting needs, we have created a business that solves problems, many of which require clean, sustainable, safer technology. Stallion is as much an innovation company as an infrastructure company, creating products that offer what few others can: a greener, smarter, safer workplace.

Sustainability by the Numbers



kWH generated by HorsePower™ per quarter



Gallons of wastewater processed by StaRT™ per quarter



kWH generated by solar-powered mobile surveillance trailers per quarter

Cleaner, smarter, safer products that preserve the planet

Environmental stewardship is a global issue, but we understand its local impact. Protecting the environment in the communities and regions we serve has been part of our mission since day one. Many of our services and technologies help our customers significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

    Horse Power™

    By turning stranded associated gas into clean-burning fuel, we bring electricity to the most remote locations. Along with reduced flaring, Horse Power™ natural gas generators help operators become better stewards of their resources. This technology reduces the need to haul wastewater to processing plants, thereby reducing vehicle emissions, reducing noise, and improving safety with fewer trucks on the road.


    Efficient wastewater treatment is now possible even in the most remote locations. Using patent-pending technology, StaRT™ (Stallion Remote Treatment) naturally treats septic wastewater for responsible reuse in agricultural, industrial, and construction applications.

    Gas Detection

    The latest evolution in gas-detection technology is here. Utilizing remote monitoring and data backhaul capabilities, this innovative solution ensures someone is monitoring air quality at your location 24/7 via Stallion’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

    LED Technology

    Stallion is committed to utilizing LED technology across our entire lighting fleet, allowing our customers to use a fraction of the fuel needed to operate traditional equipment. We have retired more than 600 metal halide light towers from our fleet and replaced them with new LED models, reducing the consumption of electrical power by 2.3 gigawatts and saving over 700,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year.

    Solar Solutions

    Stallion technology, paired with solar power, allows us to provide customers with more data than ever before—even in the most remote regions of the United States. Stallion offers solar-powered solutions for remote monitoring, operations integrity surveillance, volume measurement, SCADA controls, and many other applications.

    Electric Vehicles

    We are adding electric vehicles (EVs) to our fleet and providing charging infrastructure. This will decrease greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, lower operating costs, reduce noise and improve energy efficiency. EVs provide a cleaner and more sustainable transportation solution for a greener future.

    Predictive Dispatching

    We’re upgrading our truck fleet to utilize predictive dispatching for increased efficiency. No more inefficient idling, duplicate trips, or wasted resources and effort. Smart technology removes unnecessary trucks from the road and guides others via the most efficient routes.

    Connect With Our Team

    An expert Stallion team member can guide you through the logistics process to ensure no detail is missed.