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Surveillance & Monitoring

Video surveillance and monitoring solutions from Stallion provide more than just security for your job site or event—they also provide peace of mind.

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Your Surveillance Partner

site surveillance solutions

With years of experience in tailored surveillance system installation, support, and maintenance, Stallion's surveillance solutions ensure your people, assets, and critical infrastructure are protected around the clock.

Stallion’s trained, in-house technicians—distributed with a nationwide footprint—are the true Stallion advantage. Our employees have the experience and know-how to deploy and maintain surveillance solutions to keep your sites secure.

Solutions Include:

  • Mobile Surveillance Trailers
  • Fixed Surveillance Units
  • Mounted Surveillance Cameras
  • All surveillance solutions include access to our Video Surveillance Platform, which offers proactive alerting and AI-enabled monitoring
  • Virtual Guard Monitoring for additional peace of mind

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mobile surveillance trailer

Rapidly Deployed Surveillance

turnkey SECURITY solutions

Prioritize job site or event security with Stallion's video surveillance solutions for operations of all sizes and durations. 

We combine the most advanced surveillance equipment with the most advanced video surveillance platform to ensure your assets, equipment and people are protected.

Ensure an efficient deployment and consistent service with our coast-to-coast network of field service offices.

Stallion Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Secure Any Site, ANYWHERE

protect your site with Advanced SYSTEMS

Video Surveillance HARDWARE

Protect and monitor your jobsite, Stallion surveillance solutions, cameras, and deployment options are built to suit any application.

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Keep an Eye on your sites At all times

Video Management Platform

Stallion offers constant optics and analytics surrounding your jobsite through our professional cloud video management software and analytics platform. With Stallion, you can access video surveillance of your assets from any location.

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Improve response time

Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

Stallion’s intelligent 24/7 monitoring helps deter theft, reduce false alarms, ensure procedural compliance, and more. Furthermore, customizable motion alerts can be set to help identify key events on your jobsite, keeping your site safe from theft and ensuring best practices are maintained.

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Best service in the Industry

The Stallion advantage

We offer state-of-the-art surveillance hardware and an advanced monitoring platform, but the true advantage to Stallion's surveillance and monitoring systems is the quality of our service.

From product selection, to installation and continued service, we optimize your site visibility and ensure your systems are always up-and-running.

  • Deploy rapidly nationwide
  • Deter crime and theft
  • Access real-time and historical footage
  • Manage all sites from a unified portal
  • Leverage tags and analytics
  • Solar-powered product options
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Our Surveillance Solutions

Mounted Unit

  • 2 PTZ or Fixed cameras
  • 180° Standard coverage area
  • 28"L x 38"W x 15'H Footprint
  • Virtual guard monitoring (Optional)



Mounted Unit

  • 1 PTZ or Fixed cameras
  • 180° Standard coverage area
  • 2 x 100AH Batteries
  • 76"L x 42"W x 15'H Footprint
  • Virtual guard monitoring (Optional)


stallion fixed surveillance trailer

Surveillance Skid

  • 2 cameras
  • 360° Standard coverage area
  • 6 x 150AH Batteries
  • 90"L x 76"W x 18'H Footprint
  • Virtual guard monitoring (Optional)


stallion mobile surveillance trailer

Surveillance trailer

  • 2-4 cameras
  • 360° Standard coverage area
  • 6 x 150AH Batteries
  • 13'2"L x 5'8"W x 20'H Footprint
  • Fuel cell (Optional)
  • Virtual guard monitoring (Optional)

See a solution you need?

Contact our sales team to guide your through the rental process.

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camera systems

Tailored to your needs

Secure your site or event with a system built for your needs. Customize your mounted cameras or surveillance trailers with:

  • Point Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Thermal
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Advanced ANALYTICS - SImple to Use

Remotely monitor & Secure
your site

Stallion surveillance and security rentals help you respond faster and get back to business with alerts, analytics, and detection capabilities via our best-in-class unified cloud surveillance platform.

  • Deter theft and crime
  • Capture detailed footage of incidents
  • Protect your assets, people, project
  • Real-time and historical footage

Our Products

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Stallion’s self-sustaining, portable surveillance trailers offer 24/7 site security and footage accessible from a unified video surveillance portal. Multiple connectivity and camera options are available to secure job sites of all sizes.

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Mounted Camera Solutions

Protect and monitor your job site with fixed camera systems that are mounted on location and operate wirelessly for the duration of your project. Access real-time and historical footage 24/7 from our unified video surveillance portal.

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Video Management Platform

Monitor your site, or multiple sites, in real-time with customized alerts, smart recognition, and multi-angle views, all in a single platform and from any device. Available for existing camera systems in addition to any of our video surveillance options.

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Virtual Guard Monitoring (SwiftWatch™)

Get 24/7 support from Stallion’s team of experts, from installation and commissioning of your security and network solutions to change management and monitoring.

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