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Video Management Platform

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Unified platform for multi-site surveillance

Manage and monitor your surveillance feeds 24/7 with Stallion's video management platform, securely accessible from any internet-connected device. Our intelligent platform offers insight into real-time and historical footage with advanced analytics to help you ensure the safety of your people and protection of your assets.


  • Real-time notifications based on custom conditions
  • Sophisticated algorithm powered by machine learning
  • Advanced logic, filtering, and detection capabilities
  • Available per-stream or on a monthly cloud storage plan

Cloud video security Platform

Advanced capabilities in a simple user experience

Stallion's cloud surveillance platform offers a unified view of all your sites in one centralized, user-friendly dashboard. Multi-user capability makes it easy to manage access for employees or partners who need monitoring permissions, and the intuitive interface simplifies screen captures, downloads, and organization of photo and video files.


Compatible with any camera

Connect any stream source, such as IP cameras, CCTV, webcams, or NVR/DVR—no need for additional hardware or software investments.


Unified multi-site surveillance

Monitor your surveillance feeds across multiple sites with real-time system health status alerts and remote troubleshooting.


Public or private cloud

Store your data on the public cloud or on your private cloud infrastructure, depending on your security needs.


Multi-tier administration

Remotely manage all aspects of your surveillance, including distribution of video and feature access to users based on permission level.

Simple Setup

Plug-and-play functionality

Eliminate complex network setup and maintain a high degree of cybersecurity with our turnkey solution.


Native cloud analytics

Utilize cloud processing to cost-effectively deploy intelligent video analytics add-ons across all cameras.

Smart security for all sites

One cloud video security platform for all cameras

User Friendly Dashboard. Multi-User Capability.

Stallion’s cloud surveillance platform is scalable and flexible — use any brand camera without additional hardware or software investments. Subscribe cameras and NVR/DVRs using monthly cloud storage plans or per-stream fees.

Easily grant access to any of your employees who need monitoring permissions.

The dashboard makes screen-grabbing and downloading photo and video files simple — perfect for sharing via social media, email, or directly within your organization.

surveillance app in phone

Simple setup, consistent results

Advanced features for securing your sites

Automate alerts for custom events so you always know what is happening on-site, from anywhere, on any device.

Access your real-time and historical footage with the Stallion video monitoring portal.

  • Setup real-time notifications based on custom events and conditions
  • Monitor entire job site from one portal, no matter the brand of camera
  • Create time-lapse videos and save video clips and jpeg
  • Setup License Plate Recognition alerts, PPE detection alerts, and more
  • Group cameras for organized views based on location or camera type
  • Monitor your site from desktop, tablet, or mobile device 

One platform, Unlimited Cameras

Unify surveillance and visibility across all sites

Enhance your camera-side feature sets with remote accessibility and advanced analytics via Stallion's cloud surveillance platform.

  • Unified multi-site surveillance
  • Multi-tier administration and access management
  • Advanced filtering, calibration, and detection capabilities
  • Specialized video analytics modules available
  • Compatible with all Stallion solutions as well as other brands

Learn more about the most advanced video monitoring portal on the market

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Smart Site Visibility 

Advanced features for securing your sites

Optimize the power of Stallion’s cloud processing — layer advanced cloud analytics alongside common camera-side feature sets to provide an enhanced user experience. Easily set custom alerts for email, or for app push notifications, to alert specific users during a set schedule.

Our machine-learning systems constantly re-train and evolve object classification algorithms in real-time based on all enabled footage, locations, and conditions.

Contact Stallion sales to ask about specialized modules such as LPR, elevated temperature detection, speed detection, and other video analytics.

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Mobile Surveillance Trailer

When portability is a requirement, our wheeled surveillance trailers provide a turnkey solution for site security and surveillance needs and can be moved throughout your environment as needed for complete oversight.

  • Wide-track trailer for maximum stability
  • Customizable with specialized camera options
  • Wireless with no external connections required
  • Supports cloud-based management and analytics
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Mobile Surveillance Unit

Our skid-mounted units provide a fixed solution for areas requiring ongoing surveillance. Rapidly deployed and self-sustaining, they can be positioned to capture footage from virtually any angle.

  • Stand-alone, low-maintenance solution
  • Customizable with specialized camera options
  • Wireless with no external connections required
  • Supports cloud-based management and analytics
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