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Skid-Mounted Workforce Housing

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office and living duplex trailer skid

Turnkey temporary housing

Our skid-mounted buildings offer a modular and portable solution for workforce housing without the need to build a foundation for the structure, and our 3-part skid-mount system means optimum space efficiency. Each housing contract begins with a one-on-one assessment of the project site and is deployed quickly once configured for your custom needs. All units are turnkey and feature at-home comforts that make your team feel secure, comfortable, and connected.


  • Furniture, linens, entertainment, and kitchen equipment provided
  • All units are rebuilt or refurbished between contracts
  • Configurable for your specific job site needs
  • Available in single units or camp complexes 
skid mounted housing

Product Portfolio

Crew House

No matter where your job site takes you, our bunkhouse-style crew house can comfortably accommodate 6–12 members of your team.

  • Sleeps 6–12
  • 2 oversized bedrooms
  • 2 oversized bathrooms
  • Shared kitchen and living with extra capacity for laundry
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Duplex Office & Living

For a more exclusive experience for fewer team members in one space, our duplex-style building provides dual/mirrored living, office, laundry, and kitchenette spaces for a home away from home.

  • Sleeps 2–4
  • Workspace for 2–4
  • Maximize privacy
  • Efficient living and working space for smaller crews
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Premium Combo Office & Living

For the most turnkey, white-glove experience, our premium building provides upgraded living and office spaces, including full kitchen and laundry amenities.

  • Sleeps 1–2
  • Dedicated workspace for 1–2
  • Maximize privacy
  • Comfortable living and working space with additional square ft.
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Combo Office & Living

For a live/work space, our combo buildings provide hybrid living and office spaces, including full kitchen and laundry facilities.

  • Sleeps 1–2
  • Dedicated workspace for 1–2
  • Comfortable living and working space
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Related Products

Water & Sewer Tank

No matter what your water storage needs (rainwater collection, well water storage, fire suppression, or bulk water delivery storage), this vertical tank is seamlessly constructed to meet every need.

  • Resistant to cracks
  • FDA approved for use with potable water
  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor use
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Organic Wastewater Treatment System

When your site needs a modern, efficient, sustainable approach to dealing with freshwater and wastewater, start with StaRT™.

  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Beneficial reuse of wastewater
  • Flat day rate
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Septic Water Hauling

Our specialized trucks are purpose-built to haul septic water safely and efficiently from your job site.

  • Easily transportable non-permit loads
  • Multiple tank-size options available
  • Hoses and connections
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