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Virtual Guard Monitoring (SwiftWatch™)

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Reliable remote monitoring services

Support on-site security personnel and maintain security practices with SwiftWatch™, Stallion's 100% effective remote monitoring service. Our virtual guards help to deter theft, reduce false alarms, and ensure procedural compliance across your site, and the solution is fully configurable to ensure specialized, around-the-clock protection for your people, projects, and assets.


  • Customizable, video-verified alerts
  • Supports operational compliance audits
  • Live footage access and seamless data sharing
  • Compatible with our Video Management Platform

Our Virtual Guard Solution = 
VMS platform + Real-time monitoring

Take your site security and surveillance a step further with Stallion's cloud-based video management platform and real-time monitoring and customizable alerts.

Real-time monitoring and response

Our monitoring center is staffed 24/7, and when an incident occurs, the SwiftWatch™ team responds immediately. Trust Stallion's virtual guard to provide rapid support from the moment of notification until the appropriate responder is dispatched.


An alarm is activated when a breach is detected on your site's surveillance system.

2. Notification

Our monitoring center is instantly notified to take action when an alarm is triggered.

3. Verification

The SwiftWatch™ team remotely accesses live and recorded feeds to verify the alarm.

4. Dispatch

Once confirmed, we dispatch police or first responders to manage the incident on-site.

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VMS & Human Monitoring

Deter theft, reduce false alarms, and ensure PPE compliance with Stallion’s video monitoring services, fully customizable to protect your site 24/7/365.

  • Analytics and real-time alerts
  • Instant notifications to Stallion’s monitoring center
  • Remote access to live/recorded video
  • Efficient dispatch and incident management


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Video Surveillance Portal

Enhance your camera-side feature sets with remote accessibility and advanced analytics via Stallion's cloud surveillance platform. 

  • Unified multi-site surveillance
  • Multi-tier administration and access management
  • Advanced filtering, calibration, and detection capabilities
  • Specialized video analytics modules available
  • Compatible with all Stallion solutions as well as other brands
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Mobile Surveillance Trailer

When portability is a requirement, our wheeled surveillance trailers provide a turnkey solution for site security and surveillance needs and can be moved throughout your environment as needed for complete oversight.

  • Wide-track trailer for maximum stability
  • Customizable with specialized camera options
  • Wireless with no external connections required
  • Supports cloud-based management and analytics
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Fixed Surveillance Unit

Our skid-mounted units provide a fixed solution for areas requiring ongoing surveillance. Rapidly deployed and self-sustaining, they can be positioned to capture footage from virtually any angle.

  • Stand-alone, low-maintenance solution
  • Customizable with specialized camera options
  • Wireless with no external connections required
  • Supports cloud-based management and analytics
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Pole Mount

Our pole-mounted camera solutions are ideal for use in fixed positions throughout your job site or event. Customize with specialized camera options and remote monitoring services for a solution tailor-made for your environment.

  • Delivered, installed, and serviced by our team of experts
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
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